THANK YOU for taking the time to help! We have made it easy for you. Please Click the buttons below for Contact Information for the Senators and the call/E-mail Scripts (cut and paste)! Super easy! 

Here's the Background Story:

On Dec 3rd, the US Senate Arms Services Committee is holding a hearing re: the ongoing problems for military families who have been sickened by negligently built and negligently maintained military housing.  Those testifying at the hearing will be the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor Ms. Elizabeth Field.  Also testifying will be several leaders of the US military. One may view the meeting agenda HERE .

We are gravely concerned because military physicians are not being trained how to recognize, diagnose and treat the sick-housing-caused-illnesses. As a result, military families are being left unable to obtain needed medical care. Their referral requests to environmentally literate private sector physicians are being denied for insurance coverage. Most cannot afford to pay for the needed treatments on their own, causing the families to remain unnecessarily ill. 

On Nov 22nd, the 501(c)3 nonprofit Military Matters Foundation sent a letter to each of the Arms Services Committee members requesting that the senators ask Ms. Field and military leaders questions regarding the miseducation of the military physicians and the denials of insured referrals. 

We want the senators to know that Americans want better treatment for the families of those who give their lives to protect all Americans. 

Please help cause the senators to ask the needed questions on Dec 3rd by sending emails to their legislative assistants or calling their offices on Mon through Wed, Nov 25th to Nov 27th.   

Click HERE for links to their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

If you call, be brief and polite.  Say your name, the state you are calling from, and if applicable on which base you reside.  Then say: 

"I am calling in support of the need for Senator X to ask the GAO and military leaders the questions that were suggested by Military Matters Foundation. Thank you". 

If you email, please cut and paste the following and send it to the senator's staffers' email addresses. 

Subject line: I support the need to ask questions about military physician education

Dear Senator X, 

On December 3rd, please ask Ms. Field of the GAO and the leaders of the military, the seven questions that were suggested to you by Military Matters Foundation. Our troops deserve to have their families receive proper medical care that is needed because of the lack of oversight of the private-public-venture (PPV) military housing landlords and their contractors. 

Thank you, 



and Base (if applicable). 

After you have called and/or emailed the senators, please be so kind to send us an email at so we know that calls and emails are being sent. Also, please forward this email to others who are concerned for the safety of our military families so they may help to protect the families, too. Anyone can help!

Thank you, 

Janna Driver & JoAnne Mantz

Military Matters Foundation