More Mold More Problems

We moved into our base house in July of 2015. Within a week, our AC unit flooded the front entry way. I was told it would be several hours before they could get to us since our AC was working and it was hot out that day so no AC calls would push us to the back of the calls. They eventually came out and fixed the AC unit.

After that we had issues with ants getting into our pantry. It got to the point where pest control was at our house weekly. I was 4 months pregnant at this time and had a 3 year old and a 5 year old. After a few months our kitchen flooded due to the sink, it flooded at least once a week for over a month and our dishwasher wouldn’t work properly. After several maintenance requests we were finally able to get a new dishwasher and I was informed that in order to keep the kitchen from flooding I needed to drain the dishwasher and run the disposal at the same time in order to keep it from flooding my kitchen. We just discovered a week ago that we have mold in our kitchen.

We also noticed that when it rained our back door would leak. It took several calls over the course of 3.5 years to finally get the back door replaced. And when the door was replaced we ended up finding mold around the back door. We eventually noticed our living room would flood when it rained. When we were finally able to get someone from maintenance to come out and evaluate the problem mold was discovered in our living room walls. At the time of the remediation of the living room we also had one of our sons bedrooms remediated because of a constant window leak. Mold was discovered in that room as well.

No one at maintenance communicated to housing what was going on so when we asked housing to put us up in a hotel due to the fumes they were unaware of what was going on. They eventually found us a “patriot house” but it was filthy so we refused it. In May of 2019 we had our hvac and downstairs bathroom remediated and had my husband not been there, they would have covered up more mold. But with the new hvac system, that was installed improperly, we are now having issues with with the air ducts. The duct leading from the hvac closet was “sweating” a lot and caused a water spot on our ceiling. Once the ceiling was cut it to mold was discovered. When they went to remove more of the ceiling even more mold was found. We are currently awaiting results and a timeline of what and how the mold in the hvac, front entryway ceiling and kitchen will be handled.

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