Mysterious Year on Base

We lived in base housing for one year at Tinker AFB. It was a disaster from day 1. The home they wanted to move us in to sat for months, vacant, and in disrepair. We showed up and were forced to live in a hotel while they "fixed" our home. It was genuinely uninhabitable when we got there.

After the week they had patched holes, painted walls, and put in new flooring. Soon the shine wore off as we smelled an awful musty smell in our kitchen. Every cupboard and drawer had mold stains in them. They told us to just put baking soda in them. Our master shower was full of mold, leaks, and water damage. Despite maintenance recommending a full replacement, the housing company only offered to have the shower regrouted, which was done incorrectly and took 3 weeks.

Fast forward to the end of a miserable year. Constant maintenance calls, a home that flooded, had mice, pests, broken windows, drafts, and doors that wouldn't shut. We were done and we put in our 30 day notice. The day we moved out low and behold our HVAC closet was full of mold, toxic mold. It explained so much as to why our entire family was sick that year. We never saw it so we simply didn't know. It was an ugly, brutal year of nausea, vomiting, headaches, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideations. None of those symptoms belonged to us prior to setting foot in that home. Because we made the saving choice to move, and we made the decision so quickly, we were forced to move in to an RV since it would have taken months to save for a rental. We knew we needed out but until the day we moved out we didn't know why.

To add insult to injury the housing company tried charging us nearly $4,000 at move out because they said WE ruined the house. It was laughable at best. It ruined our credit since they sent us to collections and now we are simply....stuck.

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